Confortable and Pleasurable atmosphere


We not only take pride in offering you first-class service, but also give you the opportunity to enjoy our one of a kind culinary experience. Giving you the experience that you deserve is not a coincidence, it is the result of many years of service. Since 1910, we have been offering our guests an atmosphere where they can expect a traditional atmosphere.


Our guests have the opportunity to relax in the lounge or just simply enjoy an evening of dining in our modern looking restaurant. We are more than happy to wine and dine you from Monday to Saturday starting at 5 pm.


Special Events/Occasions:

Are you looking for a place to celebrate special events whether it be in a business or family setting? We can cater you every need with groups of 25 people and more. Please contact us. 


We also offer a take out service for all our dishes. 


If you are interested in our daily, weekly and seasonal specials, please take a look at our current menu.  

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